There two methods of shirt printing. The first is the more traditional style called screen printing. It involves using screen stencils to apply ink to the shirt with any design you want. With over 30 years of experience in screen printing, we guarantee you’ll get an amazing, high-quality printed shirt, hat, or hoodie that will turn heads!

Screen Printing

First, your design is created on the computer and separated by color. The screen is prepared by coating it with a light sensitive photo emulsion (a liquid that is coated, drys and becomes like a sheet of film that is attached to a mesh stretched tight on a Frame). and exposing it to UV light to harden the areas around the design. The non-hardened emulsion is rinsed away with water to leave a stencil behind. Ink is then applied to the shirt through the screen with a special squeegee, that pushes the ink onto the shirt, cured with heat, and voila! Your shirt is good to go!

Since each screen can only use one color at a time, multicolored designs will require extra screens and those colors will be layered to achieve the final look. Screen printing is perfect for large orders, shirts requiring specialty inks (glitter, glow in the dark and foil) and projects requiring specific colors matches such as PMS ( Panatone Matching System).


Your unique design is created on the computer, we prefer the Macintosh platform, and use Adobe software to create your art. The image is sent from the computer to the inkjet printer ( this printer is much like your home inkjet printer for paper). The inks are designed to print on fabric and include white ink for dark colored shirts. A white base is printed first, then the color is applied on top of the white ink. This insures A vibrant smooth print. The DTG process allows for the creation of thousands of print colors on any color garment. It also allows us to print quickly on as few as one shirt. We cure the ink on the shirt with a conveyor dryer. Most companies use a heat transfer press to cure the shirts. We prefer the conveyor method because it does not smash or distort the ink like a heat press does.

Because the setup is not as difficult as screen printing, it’s perfect for small orders. If you’re looking for only a few shirts, but still want full color at a reasonable price, DTG is for you. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure vibrant, high-quality prints with great durability.


It’s done with our state-of-the-art embroidery machine. First your logo is digitized or drawn with where the threads will sew. Your logo or design is uploaded to the computer and sent to the embroidery machine. The embroidery file tells the machine where to sew each color. How many stitches your design has, determines how long the garment will be on the machine. This ultimately determines the price.

Embroidery is best suited for higher end apparel such as corporate identity.